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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

 Importance of  " Centroid " In Flying Star  Feng Shui & Indian  Vastu  Shashtra

      Please refer the Twin Bungalow Plan shown below.

       If the centroid by mistake changes its position by 1/8 inches then 1 feet error will occur in the original plan and due to this complete 8 directions will change and along with if the position of the stars will change then remedy found out will give inaccurate result. 

       For Example - Please see left side bungalow 'A' shown below. 

       It's facing direction of main door is 2 degree North (N2) but it lies in North-West section. Now imagine if by mistake the centroid (C) marking changes then 8 direction marking will change and some portion of main door will lie in North Section. Due to this remedies of main door will be wrong. 

Note : Above drawing is the reduction copy of the original plan and may not as per scale. It is only given for study purpose.
(original drawing scale is 1/8 inches = 1 feet)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

        Importance of  " Centroid " In Flying Star  Feng Shui & Indian  Vastu  Shashtra

       Taking Facing Direction and plotting angles,directions on plan is very important thing in Flying Star Feng Shui as well as in Indian Vastu Shashtra. 
       If all above mention things are accurate then we can take appropriate steps on internal and external Energies with the help of three cycles.
       For all these things in our plan we should to mark Centroid / Heavens Heart / Brahmstahna correctly for more accuracy.
       Through this Centroid we can accurately mark the exact directions. So from all above things any body can understand that the word accuracy and perfection play an important role in this study, because approximate ploting of Centroid is harmful or direction less for our further study this is my experience.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Analysis By  Prashant Manda                                                                                                                        &  Shri Navinchandra Bheda          
                         PROBLEMATIC  Sleeping Position  In FLAT. (Case Study no.1)                                                                                                                 
Facing Direction ------2790, (W3),   Date of Visit - 9 August 2005.
Construction Period 1984 to 2004 ------7 Age
Main Entrance Facing Direction 2790 ,    but lies in North West Section.
There is a toilet & Bath room  in South-West Section.
Current Health Star 8 fall in this area.
There is a bed room in South East, South and South West section.
kitchen is in East section and Gass-stove  is there, Balcony is in North East Section
Outside the main entrance, there is a open space and lift is there on 8 water start also Main Entrance is on 8 water start  
This is my relatives flat in Pune there was health problem to  husband and he died at the age of 42 years by Heart Attack. His birth date was 4.2.1962 and his Kua No. 2, He was sleeping in South section of the house and also from his bed room. He died on (1 st week) July 2004
Main reason for Heart Attack :-
If we see the Flying Start Chart of Age 7, of this flat Central Palace (Heavens Heart) while the numbers (5 9 7) representing inner nature of the Flat in this case it is in harmonious, causing the possibility of financial and health hazard.
The one half portion of this Bed room (South Section) is very problematic area as shown in drawing. Mountain star 1, Water star 5 and Base Star 2.
The combination of stars shows illness to the Ear, Kidney, and Genetically organs. The five yellow Star shows disease, pain, sickness potential disaster, most negative  energy,  Star 2 shows sickness. 
In the  year (July 2004) the Yearly 9 Fire Star was  in South section. It effected on Heart and Eyes.
      1) The Yearly 9 Fire Star , evil 5 Earth star and 2 Earth sickness base star - 9 Increases 2 and 5 stars strength and produce or release most negative energy.   
       2) Also the Bed Room door is in South section and also problematic Specially we have to focus on this             two things.
       3) 8 Health star falls in toilet in South West Section (from 5 feb 2004 , 8 star was active)
        These are the reasons for above problems
   Flying Star chart for the period 7, Facing Direction 2790 (W3), and 1st week July 2004 Stars Position

1)In each square top left HealthStar or Mountain  Star, Top right is wealth star or water star
2) Below center is Base Star
3)   Its below is Yearly star
4)   Its below is Monthly star


This flat will lock for wealth (9 star) from 5th  Feb 2024 to 4th Feb 2044 this will not good condition there are some remedies to break the lock.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Research On Heart Problem From House


 Discussion on Flying Stars Effect

 Discussion On Flying Stars Effect In Different Areas of House

          Honor By Gwalior University Upload On 


Friday, January 20, 2012

Conference on Vastu Shashtra & Flying Star Feng Shui 
at Gwalior University 


















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Friday, January 06, 2012

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